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How To Add HTML Alternative Content

ASPNetVideo generates your HTML Alternative directly in your ASPX Webform. It allows you to render other WebControls and components within your HTML Alternative, as you would within an ASP.NET Panel object.

In all instances, the ASPNetVideo WebControl renders HTML Alternative Content beside the video markup.  If the user's browser is capable of displaying the video content, the video is displayed over the alternative content on the web page.  This technique is beneficial because:

  • It provides a viable alternative for website users with no appropriate Video Plugin.
  • It gives alternative content for accessibility.
  • It provides extra content which search engines can read and spider.

1.  Key Concepts

The HTML Alternative content is always rendered.  It is placed within an HTML element, whose ID attribute matches that of the ASPNetVideo WebControl instance. Where the video plugin is available to the user - The video object is written over this content.

The HTML alternative is set using either the smart tags in the designer view, or by hand in the code view (see below).

To test and debug your HTML alternative - you can set the component's Enabled property to false.  This will render only the HTML alternative and not the Video content.

2.  Set HTML Alternative Content using the Designer

If you wish to edit your HTML Alternative using the designer, click on the Smart Tag button (looks like a play button on the top right corner of the control).  You should see something similar to the following:

ASPNetVideo WebControl Suite HTML Alternative Content Tutorial Smart Tags

Then, click on "Edit Templates" and the following should appear:

ASPNetVideo WebControl Suite HTML Alternative Content Tutorial Template Editor

At this point, you can drag and drop or type content directly into this content window, as shown here:

3.  Set HTML Alternative Content using Source Code

If you wish to add your HTML Alternative content using ASPX source code, go to the code view.  First, add a set of "HTMLAlternativeTemplate" tags within your ASPNetVideo tags.  Then place your alternative content within these new tags, as shown below: