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    Production base


    Shaoxing New Blueprint Textiles
    About us

    Located in China Light Textile City (the largest textile distributing centre of Asia), Shaoxing New Blueprint Textiles Co., Ltd. is a development, production and trade enterprise of fabrics for uniform, school uniform, working garment and career apparel, etc. At present, our main products include pure polyester fabrics, T/R fabric, T/C fabric, T/R/W fabric, high-end Shirt fabric, Anti-static fabric, Functional fabric, etc. Now, we are receiving high reputation for complete product types, abundant colors, spot goods and fast delivery, and we bring great convenience for customers in uniform industry. Moreover, we also can provide custom-made service for customers with special requirements, including custom-weaving and custom-dyeing, etc. 


    Since our foundation in 1990s, we have been taking "Quality first, honest business, mutual benefits" as the philosophy of our business. With our development, we have developed a series of high-end fabrics for uniform industry. These new products not only promote the level of career apparel's fabrics, but also can help our loyal customers getting victories in the competitive markets of their regions.


    Our present successes come form your cares and supports, our future progresses still need your cooperation, and our further developments need your supports too. All staffs on here thank your supports. Through laying great stresses on quality, trade and service, and improving management system continuously, we are going to develop better products and offer better service to meet your demands.


    We sincerely welcome your business and cooperation. We look forward to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers all over the world; sticking to such tenet of " contract-abiding, credit-stressing, equality and mutual-benefit, sincere cooperation", we warmly welcome you to join ---New Stage for creating a bright future together!


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